One thing stood out to everyone watching Trump's victory speech

Photo: John Moore/Getty Images.

Donald Trump faced the cameras and delivered a wide-ranging policy speech on the final night of the Republican primaries. But it wasn’t necessarily what he said that drew notice from viewers — it was how he said it.

The New York businessman, known for his brash demeanour, shifted direction and delivered about 15 minutes’ worth of relatively tepid prepared remarks from a teleprompter.

Political journalists and pundits were quick to point out the dramatic change in style.

Here is a roundup of tweets:

Throughout his campaign, Trump has repeatedly skewered opponents for using teleprompters as a vehicle to deliver speeches.

Just last week he mocked presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton for “reading poorly” from the device. Last summer, Trump went as far as to say he would like to “”outlaw teleprompters for anybody running for president.”

Nicole Wallace, former communications chief under President George W. Bush, said on MSNBC that Trump’s speech was crafted by his daughter Ivanka Trump, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and members of Sen. Jeff Sessions’ staff.

The speech did not address a firestorm of criticism Trump generated from the Republican Party over his suggestion a US federal judge was not qualified to rule on cases involving Trump because of the judge’s Mexican heritage.

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