Here are the tax breaks Trump's plan would eliminate

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Part of President Donald Trump’s tax reform outline released on Wednesday would do away with itemized deductions on individuals’ tax returns except for the mortgage and charitable giving deductions.

Here’s a rundown of the itemized deductions this plan would cut:

  • Deductible state and local taxes: Currently, individuals are allowed to deduct their state and local taxes from their federal tax payments. This includes:
    • Personal property taxes: Allows deductions of state and local taxes on items like a boat or car.
    • Real estate taxes: Allows deductions of state and local taxes on the “value of real property.”
    • Income taxes: Allows deductions of taxes on wages and other income paid to the state or local government.
    • Sales taxes: Can deduct sales taxes paid instead of income taxes. This is mostly used in stats without a state-level income tax like Texas.
  • Gambling losses: Losses due to legal gambling can be deducted currently, as long as they are itemized.
  • Interest expense: Interest paid on a debt, such as a student loan or mortgage, can be currently deducted. You cannot deduct interest on a personal car loan or credit card debt.
  • Union and/or Club expenses: If membership in a union, professional society, or chamber of commerce “helps you do your job,” the membership fee can be deducted.
  • Moving expenses: If you moved for a new job, the cost of moving can be deducted if itemized.
  • Miscellaneous expenses: If an expense on the Internal Revenue Service’s list, including tax preparation fees and unreimbursed employee expenses, accounts for more than 2% of a filers gross income, it can be deducted.

The Trump outline is not a finalised plan, and the White House said they could change the plan as they work with Congress, so it is not a guarantee if these deductions will ultimately be eliminated.

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