Trump supporters were removed from a Sydney University bar after chanting obscene slogans

Photo: University of Sydney/ Facebook.

Like many venues around Australia today, Manning Bar at Sydney University hosted a US presidential election event, “Election Day Spectacular”.

However the party turned sour after supporters Republican candidate, and likely winner, Donald Trump supporters became rowdy and began chanting: “Grab them by the pussy! That’s how we do it!'”

Journalist Jess Hill was there:

Sydney University’s arts faculty was among those excited by the day

But then it went downhill.

Then campus security stepped in, removing some participants.

The university subsequently issued the following statement to Business Insider:

The United States Studies Centre event was held at Manning Bar at 11am. When organisers became aware of the inappropriate behaviour of some attendees the University of Sydney Union’s security team intervened to remove several participants and issue warnings to others.

The official event ended at 3pm and some students and members of the public remained to watch the coverage.

The University of Sydney and University of Sydney Union expect students to abide by the code of conduct and any behaviour that is intimidating, abusive, disrespectful, or threatening will not be tolerated within our community or on our campuses.

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