Why some Trump supporters are boycotting the new ‘Star Wars’ movie with #DumpStarWars

Rogue one a star wars story

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” has become the target of a political boycott online a week before it is released.

Supporters of President-elect Trump as well as self-described members of the “alt-right” have come out against the new “Star Wars” spin-off movie both on Reddit and on Twitter, where people have spoken out against the movie with the hashtag #DumpStarWars.

It seems the boycott stems from a rumour that “Rogue One” was changed in reshoots and edits to give it an anti-Trump slant. A writer for the film, Chris Weitz, says that story is “completely fake.”

Others chimed in to protest “Rogue One,” believing the film is politically motivated.

Another source of ire for people boycotting the movie is the fact that Weitz has made comments on Twitter that appear to protest the election of Trump, including one tweet shortly after the election featuring the Rebel symbol from “Star Wars” with a safety pin through it, signifying unity. Weitz wrote, “Star Wars against hate. Spread it.”

Separately, Indiewire reports that “Rogue One” has also been the target of criticism on a self-professed “alt-right” section of Reddit with ties to white supremacy. Users have pointed to the multicultural casting and leading female roles in the newest “Star Wars” movies (including “Force Awakens”). One such alt-right user called “Rogue One” “anti-white social engineering.”

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