Trump supporters received a text inviting them to donate and become 'official wall members' though it's unclear what that actually means

  • On the eve of a potential government shutdown, some Trump supporters got a text from Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., inviting them to become “OFFICIAL WALL MEMBERS.”
  • The text links to a website where supporters are encouraged to donate up to $US2,700 for Trump’s re-election campaign.

While President Donald Trump doubled-down on his promise to shut down the federal government if Congress doesn’t secure $US5 billion in funding for his long-promised border wall, his re-election committee was busy texting supporters and inviting them to become “Official Build the Wall Members.”

In a text sent to supporters and shared online by Fox News producer Pat Ward, the Donald J. Trump for President campaign touts the new program, which was seemingly launched on Friday.

“Dems refuse to FUND THE WALL!” the text reads. “They don’t care about your safety! FIGHT BACK!”

The message then links to a website paid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc., where visitors can donate up to $US2,700 to Trump’s campaign. A message on the website says Americans “need THE WALL, because if we don’t have strong borders, we don’t have a country.”

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The GoFundMe campaign to build Trump’s border wall has raised over $US12 million, but how much of it will actually go toward building the wall remains unclear

“The Democrats have made it clear that they care more about political games than the safety of American citizens,” the website states. “To make a statement that the American people will NEVER back down, we’re launching a new Official WALL MEMBERSHIP program today.”

It is unclear what being a member of this club entails, or whether the money donate will be used in any way to pay for the wall.

The text comes days after a viral GoFundMe campaign began raising millions of dollars in an effort to pay for the wall. There doesn’t seem to be a connection between that effort, which is being run and supported by civilians, and the Trump campaign’s wall membership program.

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