Trump just committed the single most unforgivable men's suiting sin

On Wednesday, during a meeting with Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, Trump did the unthinkable: he wore black pants with a navy blazer.

Cue the sirens.

Now, Trump is no stranger to poor dress. The man tapes his tie together with Scotch tape, wears his tie too long, and most of his suits are just begging to be tailored.

But he’s never gone this far before.

While it should go without saying, wearing a mismatched suit is bad. Though wearing blue and black together used to be more vilified than it is now, suits still can’t be worn as separates. Even dark navy colours are super obvious when paired with black. On a suit, the only option is to wear the two pieces the way they were designed to be worn: together.

Wearing them separately makes them both look like orphans, and it distracts the eye. I can’t believe I even had to spend this many paragraphs explaining it. It’s so evident.

It’s possible that Trump did get dressed in a hurry and couldn’t find his black jacket, so he just grabbed his navy. It’s possible that it was an honest mistake, and that he just didn’t realise before he walked out to his meeting that he had picked up the wrong jacket.

It’s also possible he didn’t even know it was a mistake and thought it would go unnoticed. After all, a man that spends that much time on his hair wouldn’t knowingly make such a mistake.

For man that has been in the public eye and wearing suits for decades, the mistake is unforgivable.

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