A Bible signed by Donald Trump days after his St. John’s Church photo-op is for sale for $37,500. The seller calls Trump’s actions ‘revolting.’

  • A Bible signed by Donald Trump hit the market for $US37,500 on Monday.
  • The Bible was brought to the White House and signed by President Trump, according to rare documents dealer Gary Zimet.
  • In June, President Trump made waves for clearing protesters in order to have a photo taken of him holding a Bible in front of St. John’s Church, a move that Zimet criticised.
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A listing for a Bible signed by Donald Trump went up on Monday. The asking price: $US37,500. The book was signed the same week that Trump cleared protesters from the area around St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C. for a photo op, according to the seller.

In June, Trump faced uproar for clearing protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets in order to take a photo holding a Bible in front of St. John’s Church. Clergy from the St. John’s said that they were also subject to the crowd-control tactics and were expelled from the church to make way for President Trump.

The signed Bible is not the same one from Trump’s St. John’s photo op, but nonetheless, it’s a controversial item as it was signed just days after the uproar, said Gary Zimet, a rare documents dealer selling the book, in an interview with Business Insider.

“Someone like him, having the gall to sign a Bible, after what he did in the photo op is revolting,” said Zimet.

When it comes to Trump memorabilia, profits abound. Items like signed impeachment papers have fetched prices in the tens of thousands, and the president himself has even commented on the hot market for his signature.

“I sign things, and the next night, I see them on eBay. They’re sold. They’re sold for a lot of money,” he said in January, according to USA Today. “‘Sir… would you sign my sneaker?’ ‘Yes.’ Then, two nights later, I see it on eBay, selling for $US5,000.”

Zimet, 67, said he usually sources Trump-signed memorabilia from the meet-and-greets Trump holds before rallies. But this piece, Zimet says, was brought into the White House by a contact of the dealer to be signed by the president.

Although Zimet’s not a personal fan of Trump, he has no qualms about selling Trump-related goods.”The only thing I’m interested in, vis-Ã -vis Trump, is making a profit off of him,” he said in an interview with Business Insider.

And for those who prefer sports memorabilia to religious texts, Zimet says he has a baseball signed by both Trump and Putin that’s available for $US25,000.

Zimet also guarantees the veracity of signature. He has dealt in letters and manuscripts for 42 years, and says, “I know Trump’s signature backwards and forwards.” His website, MomentsInTime.com, reads: “Authenticity of ALL material offered for sale is guaranteed without time limitations, for full refund of purchase price.”

The White House declined to comment on the authenticity of the Bible.