Trump: 'Second Amendment people' might be able to do stop Clinton from picking SCOTUS justices

Donald Trump suggested that proud gun owners could take matters into their own hands if anyone decided to abolish the Second Amendment.

At a rally on Tuesday in North Carolina, Trump asserted┬áthat Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton wants to “essentially abolish” the Second Amendment, a claim which the Clinton campaign has repeatedly denied.

“If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. All the Second Amendment people — maybe there is,” Trump said.

Donald J. Trump: “To think that she’s even allowed to run for the presidency…is an embarrassment to our country”
— POLITICO (@politico) August 9, 2016

The Republican presidential candidate’s comments were somewhat unclear as he flipped between praising the National Rifle Association and warning of the threats of curbing access to firearms.

“Speaking to the NRA folks — who are great,” Trump said.

“If you don’t do the right thing, you’re not going to have a second amendment, or you’re not going to have much of it left.”

Clinton allies like Priorities USA quickly sent the video clip around, arguing that┬áTrump’s comments essentially suggested that gun owners should shoot Clinton if she is elected president and attempts to roll back the Second Amendment.

The Clinton campaign has repeatedly pushed back on Trump for claiming that Clinton wants to eliminate the Second Amendment. The Democratic presidential candidate does support a number of gun control measures, including expanding background checks and increasing regulations on gun sellers.

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