CA attorney general: The Trump administration is 'in denial' about its executive powers

California attorney general xavier becerraScreenshot via CNNCalifornia Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

California’s top cop had some terse words for the Trump administration hours after an appeals court blocked its attempt to financially penalise “sanctuary cities.”

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra responded to a statement from Reince Priebus that characterised the ruling as “the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals going bananas” for slapping down another one of President Donald Trump’s executive orders.

The same court in February refused to reinstate Trump’s travel ban that barred people from half a dozen majority-Muslim countries from travelling to the US. Trump and his surrogates at the time railed against that ruling as well.

It’s “another case of the administration in denial,” Becerra said on CNN Tuesday night, referring to Preibus’s response to the appeals court ruling. “You just have to read the Constitution. It’s very simple.”

“The Trump administration can say all it wants, but we’re beginning to see all those words of Donald Trump the candidate unravel as he tries to exercise his power as Donald Trump the president,” Becerra said.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision on Tuesday established a preliminary injunction blocking Trump’s January 25 executive order that threatened to hold back federal funds from jurisdictions that defy federal immigration law.

The executive order was part of the Trump administration’s strategy to crack down on undocumented immigrants. Trump made big promises in that regard during his campaign — including a pledge to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.

But aside from increased powers given to Immigrations Customs and Enforcement officers who have been deporting people at a record pace, Trump’s other immigration moves have largely stalled.

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