Trump's Apartments Aren't Selling—So He's Raising The Price

Donald Trump is apparently having trouble selling some of the remaining apartments in Trump Park Avenue. He brought in a Russian speaking broker to market the duplex penthouse to our wealthier comrades in the East, and he raised the price on that property to $51 million. Now he and his broker Dolly Lenz are jacking up the prices on three more apartments.

The move to appeal to Russian buyers was smart, and they’re certainly willing to pay top ruble. But is raising prices really the best way to move a product no one was interested in?

Curbed: Donald Trump wrote the book on thinking big and kicking arse, and what he’s doing with some of the remaining spreads at his Trump Park Avenue (at 59th Street) will either one day wind up as a celebratory epilogue, or a punchline. A few weeks back, Trump hired a Russian-speaking broker to market the converted hotel’s re-envisioned duplex penthouse to his comrades, and then raised the price to $51 million to give the languishing property some juice. Now, Trump with frenemy Dolly Lenz in tow has jacked up the price on a trio of Trump Park Avenue apartments, including two more of the building’s eight penthouses. The Donald don’t mess around folks…

Via StreetEasy, the vital stats:

Now Asking: $31,120,000
Last Week’s Ask: $21,784,000
Increase: $9,336,000
First Listed: November 2005 (at $18.9 million)
Days on Market: 1020

Now Asking: $31,000,000
Last Week’s Ask: $20,433,600
Increase: $10,566,400
First Listed: January 2006 (at $18,375,000)
Days on Market: 935

Now Asking: $14,449,500
Last Week’s Ask: $9,633,000
Increase: $4,816,500
First Listed: November 2005 (at $9,104,000)
Days on Market: 1020

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