A close-up photo of Trump's notes for his angry press conference revealed an embarrassing spelling error

  • President Donald Trump held an impromptu press conference on Wednesday where he said he wouldn’t work with Democrats until they drop their “phony investigations” into him.
  • The Washington Post photographer Jabin Botsford took a close-up picture of Trump’s notes, which said “Dems have no achomlishments.”
  • See the photo below.
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A zoomed-in photo of the notes that President Donald Trump brought to his fiery speech on Wednesday revealed an embarrassing spelling mistake.

Jabin Botsford, a staff photographer at The Washington Post, captured the president holding handwritten notes that said “Dems have no achomlishments.” He likely meant “accomplishments.”

Trump addressed the media shortly after walking out of a meeting with Democratic leaders on infrastructure. At the impromptu press conference in the White House Rose Garden, he said he would not work with them until they drop their “phony investigations” into him.

House Democrats have launched a series of inquiries into Trump’s business dealings and whether he obstructed justice in the special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

The president’s notes also said:

  • “We believe that the president of the US is engaged in a cover-up” – a quote from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier that day.
  • “Most transparent.”
  • “They want to impeach me over acts that they did.”
  • “I’m going to keep working for the American people.”

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The notes appear to have been written by Trump himself – here’s what his handwriting looks like, as seen in his previous notes to journalists who’ve been critical of him:

Trump handwriting 2Chris Moody
Trump handwritingFacebook

Trump has also often misspelled words in his tweets, including “covfefe” and “unpresidented.”

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