Trump retweeted a meme mocking Hillary Clinton's upcoming 2016 campaign book

President Donald Trump retweeted a meme mocking presidential rival Hillary Clinton’s upcoming book about the 2016 campaign, titled “What Happened.”

Late Saturday night, the president retweeted a meme with an image of the book’s cover next to another with Trump’s face and the punchline “I happened.”

Though Clinton’s book is not set for publication until later this month, some excerpts in which Clinton is critical of Trump have already been released to the press.

“Morning Joe” published parts of the audiobook in which Clinton describes how her “skin crawled” during one of the presidential debates in which Trump seemed to shadow her onstage.

Since his upset victory over Clinton last year, Trump has used Twitter to continue criticising the former secretary of state, and has repeatedly reminded voters of his victory over Clinton.

For as long as he has used the social media platform, Trump has loved retweeting support, including memes comparing him to Democratic politicians.

Last month, Trump retweeted a meme of himself “eclipsing” former President Barack Obama.

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