The brutal reviews for the GOP tax bill are piling up

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  • Two new polls showed that the GOP tax bill is deeply unpopular, echoing other surveys.
  • A USA Today/Suffolk University poll found that 32% of people approved of the bill, while 48% disapproved.
  • A Marist University poll found that 52% of Americans think the bill will harm their personal finances, while just 30% of people thought it would help them.

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that Americans do not like the Republican tax bill that is making its way through Congress and could become law by Christmas.

Two polls published in recent days reinforced the idea that the American public generally disapproves of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and doesn’t think it would benefit their personal finances.

  • A USA Today/Suffolk University poll, released Sunday, showed that only 32% of people surveyed approved of the TCJA, while 48% disapproved.
  • Additionally, the poll found that 53% of Americans didn’t think the tax legislation would lower their tax bills, while the same percentage did not think it would substantially boost the US economy.
  • Another poll, from Marist University, found that 52% of people surveyed believed the TCJA would harm their personal finances. Thirty per cent of respondents said it would help them financially, and 8% said it would make no difference.

Americans are perhaps a little pessimistic on the possibility of a tax cut.

According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, 38.3% of Americans would see a tax increase or a change in their taxes of less than $US100 in 2019. By 2023, the percentage who would see an increase or little change in their taxes would increase to 44%.

The Marist poll also found that 60% of those surveyed believed wealthier Americans would be the primary benefactors of the tax plan. Twenty-one per cent of respondents said the middle class would come out the big winners.

The Marist and Suffolk surveys follow similar polling that showed the bill is the least popular tax-related bill since at least 1980.

Here’s a rundown of recent polls on the tax bill:

  • December 10, USA Today: 32% approve, 48% disapprove
  • December 7, CBS News: 35% approve, 53% disapprove
  • December 5, Gallup: 29% of Americans approve, 56% disapprove
  • December 5, Quinnipiac: 29% approve, 53% disapproved

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