'She should be ashamed!': Trump rants in tweetstorm after Clinton's major speech on the alt-right

Donald Trump went off on Hillary Clinton on Twitter Thursday after the Democratic nominee wrapped up her address demonizing the Manhattan billionaire’s “alt-right” support.

The Republican nominee called the speech “short” while saying the former secretary of state pandered “to the worst instincts in our society.”

“Just watched recap of #CrookedHillary’s speech,” he posted. “Very short and lies. She is the only one fear-mongering!”

“Hillary Clinton’s short speech is pandering to the worst instincts in our society,” he continued. “She should be ashamed of herself!”

Clinton’s speech from Reno, Nevada took aim at what she called a “fringe element” of dangerous nationalists that Trump has helped propel into the mainstream with his presidential ascendancy.

That element, the alt-right, favours nationalistic and ethno-centric policies.

“Hillary Clinton is using race-baiting to try to get African-American voters- but they know she is all talk and NO ACTION!” Trump later tweeted.

Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway released a statement of her own after the conclusion of the real-estate magnate’s Twitter rant.

“Donald Trump is talking about issues; Hillary Clinton is talking about Donald Trump,” she said. “Today, as she took a break from her Hillary-in-Hiding Tour, she missed another opportunity to talk about education, infrastructure, terrorism, healthcare, the economy and energy. We’re living in her head rent-free, and that must terrify the political insiders who want to keep things exactly the way they are.”

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