Biden launched a Latinx outreach campaign called ‘Todos con Biden’ but forgot to register the domain name for the website. Trump grabbed it instead.

President Trump’s campaign purchased the ‘Todos Con Biden’ domain name. Todos Con Biden
  • This week, Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden announced a new Latinx outreach program called “Todos Con Biden,” (Everyone with Biden) but the campaign forget to register the domain name.
  • The same day Biden made the announcement, the Trump campaign purchased the domain and is now using it to troll the former vice president.
  • To make matters worse, the campaign also failed to acquire the Todos Con Biden Twitter handle and Facebook page. The Trump campaign claimed those as well.
  • The Biden campaign told ABC News that the Trump campaign’s tactics were “childish.”
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Former vice president Joe Biden’s 2020 Democratic presidential campaign has been marred by controversy and political gaffes since its inception, but this week the Democratic front-runner made one of his most embarrassing mistakes so far.

Earlier this week, Biden announced a new outreach program called “Todos Con Biden” (“everyone with Biden”) but the campaign made a fatal mistake – they forgot to register the program’s domain name. The domain was registered the same day but by the Trump campaign.

Now, users who visit are presented with an image of a despondent Joe Biden and text that reads “Oops, Joe forgot about Latinos.”

Users can click on two links that say ” Let’s go” in English and Spanish which take users to an official “Latinos for Trump,” campaign page. Near the bottom of the todosconbiden page a blurb appears with the word “Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President Inc.”

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

The Trump Campaign also acquired the Todos Con Biden Twitter and Facebook pages

Todos con biden not dark mode
The Todos Con Biden Twitter page. Todos Con Biden / Twitter

To make matters worse for Biden, his campaign also failed to claim the @Todos Con Biden Twitter handle and Facebook page. The Twitter page features the same Biden meme and several posts critical of the candidate. Several of the posts troll Biden over gaffes made on the campaign trail while others criticise his past statements on border security. The Twitter bio asks users to text VAMOS to 88022. If you do, (don’t unless you want constantly receive messages) a text, presumably from the Trump campaign, responds: “Reply with ZIP CODE to stand with President Trump against the FAKE NEWS.”

Biden campaign calls Trump tactics ‘childish.’

The Trump campaign’s snatching up of all things related to the “Todos con Biden” brand came hours after Biden released a dramatically underwhelming promotional video under the same name.

While the Biden campaign did not respond to Insider’s request for comment, a spokesperson for Biden told ABC News that the Trump campaign’s tactics were “childish.”

“It is no surprise that Trump’s campaign would resort to childish antics like this to take attention away from this President’s appalling record of separating families and using immigrants as scapegoats, fomenting hatred and white supremacy, and trying to take away health care from millions of Americans who need it,” the spokesperson told ABC news.

Remarkably, this isn’t the first time Biden has been beaten to punch registering one of his own domains. Near the end of the second Democratic debate in July, Biden appeared to stumble over his words and asked viewers to, “Go to Joe 30330, and help me in this fight.” That night, the website went live, but when users clicked on it they were redirected to a satire site called There, a young man jokingly claiming to be “the first Gen Z’er to declare candidacy,” stares into the distance on web page meant to mimic the Biden campaign’s font and layout. Biden is currently leading in most polls with around 21 per cent according to a recent Quinnipiac poll. The Biden campaign did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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Trump is no stranger to domain name trolling but in the past, he’s been the one on the receiving end. Last year, amid the heated controversy over the Trump Administration’s child separation policy, a prankster acquired the Trump domain name. When visitors went looking for a luxury gold-leafed hotel room they were instead redirected to a site showing groups of migrant children locked in metal cages.