Politicians from one of Mexico's leftist parties smashed a Donald Trump piñata at a Christmas party

Donald Trump pinata Mexico PRD politiciansYouTube/El Poder TVLegislators and others gathered at a PRD Christmas party, where festivities included a Donald Trump piñata, December 6, 2016.

In Mexico, US President-elect Donald Trump has encountered backlash for much of the last year, much of it stemming from comments about Mexican immigrants and threats to retaliate against the country over trade policy.

That anger was given an official gloss on Tuesday night, when politicians and officials from the Party of the Democratic Revolution, Mexico’s biggest leftist party, went to town on a Donald Trump piñata at their Christmas party.

In footage that filtered out Wednesday evening, the attendees can be seen listening to party leader Sen. Miguel Barbosa, who asks them to give a “salute to Donald.”

Those gathered responded with a long, loud whistle, before shouting a chant associated with Mexican soccer that has been widely condemned for being homophobic. (Others have defended it by saying it means something similar to “coward.”)

Barbosa defended the event in interviews on Wednesday, emphasising the light-hearted nature of the gathering. 

“They are popular and spontaneous forms of expressing the rejection that we have toward Trump,” he told Spanish newspaper El País. “We must not take it as a provocation but as it was, a Christmas prefiesta that showed the rejection and a way of thinking of many Mexicans.”

“It was a Christmas party and Christmas humour,” Barbosa said in an interview with Mexican news site Excelsior on Wednesday night. “But that is the feeling that is held for someone who has aggravated Mexico.”

“Donald Trump is a person repudiated not only by Mexico, but by the world,” Barbosa added.

Public displays of resentment for Trump have become common in Mexico. Piñatas depicting the US president-elect have appeared around the country. And during Easter celebrations in March, revelers burnt Trump in effigy.

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