Trump just nominated several people for top Pentagon jobs

President Donald Trump announced on Thursday several nominations for positions at the Defence Department.

Patrick Shanahan was nominated to take over the No. 2 role at the Pentagon as deputy US defence secretary, serving under Defence Secretary James Mattis.

Shanahan is a vice president at Boeing, where he oversees supply-chain issues and manufacturing operations.

He would replace Robert Work and oversee defence teams managing policy, acquisitions, and budgets.

The White House also nominated David Norquist to become under secretary of defence, comptroller. Norquist is a partner with Kearney and Company, a Certified Public Accounting firm.

He has worked in federal financial management for nearly 30 years, starting as a federal employee in 1989 at the Department of the Army. He has also been the professional staff of the House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Defence and worked as deputy under secretary of defence in the office of the under secretary of defence, Comptroller.

David Joel Trachtenberg was chosen to be principal deputy under secretary of defence for policy. Trachtenberg is president and CEO of Shortwaver Consulting, LLC, a national-security consultancy.

Prior to that, he was vice president and head of strategic analysis at CACI-National Security Research. Before that, he had several jobs at the Defence Department, including principal deputy assistant secretary of defence for international security policy, and was a professional staff member for the House Armed Services Committee.

Kenneth Rapuano was named as assistant secretary of defence for homeland defence and global security.

Rapuano is senior vice president and director of the studies and analysis group at the ANSER Corporation. Before that, he led the Homeland Security Studies and Analysis Institute and was White House deputy homeland security adviser from 2004 to 2006 and held numerous jobs with the Energy and Defence departments. He was also deployed several times in both active and reserve duty with the US Marine Corps.

Robert Daigle was nominated as director of coast assessment and program evaluation (CAPE) at the Defence Department.

He worked at CAPE during the Bush administration, serving as the program resources and information systems management division director. A former US Army soldier, Daigle was a professional staff member for the House Armed Services Committee and was executive director of the military compensation and retirement modernisation commission.

All the nominees must be approved by the Senate. The Trump administration has yet to nominate people for more than 500 positions in the executive branch that require Senate approval.

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