Here's how newspaper covers around the world marked Donald Trump's stunning victory

Commuters take copies of the Evening Standard Newspaper in central London on November 9, 2016

The front pages of newspapers and magazines around the world reflected the shock and uncertainty that global markets and many people outside of the US felt learning that Americans elected Donald Trump their next president.

Here is a selection of covers:

EL PERIÓDICO in Barcelona, Spain: 'God forgive America'

el Periodico

Kurier in Vienna, Austria: 'Which threatens if...' and El Espectador in Colombia: 'The lesser evil'

Mexico City's Reforma: 'Shudder!'

Diario Respuesta in Mexico: 'The wall's a go. Hatred wins'

Die Welt in Germany

De Volkskrant in Amsterdam

Hamburger Morgenpost in Germany: 'Please don't ask, horror-clown!'

Liberation in France: 'Trumpocalypse'

Sud Quotidien in Senegal: 'God save America!'

Yedioth Ahronoth in Israel: 'President Hillary Clinton: LOL! Rotten Losers'

Daily Telegraph in Sydney: W.T.F.

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The Guardian in England

Le Journal de Québec in Canada: 'Oh my God!'

The Times London: 'Trump Surge'

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