TRUMP TO BUSINESS TITANS: There are 'exciting times ahead'

President Donald Trump met on Friday with executives of some of the biggest companies in the world.

The President’s Strategic and Policy forum is headed by private-equity giant Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman and includes executives from JPMorgan, BlackRock, General Motors, Disney, Boeing, and more.

Trump told the assembled group that he wants to hear from them about issues such as taxation, regulation, and job creation.

“We’re bringing back jobs, we’re bringing down your taxes, we’re getting rid of your regulations, and there are some really exciting times ahead,” Trump told the assembled business leaders.

The president also called out certain industries saying that he hoped to talk with JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon about revising the Dodd-Frank financial regulation. Trump’s administration announced that he planned to sign an executive order on Friday to direct the Treasury to review and revise the rule.

Trump told the executives that he hopes to meet with them on a monthly or quarterly basis going forward to address the business issues.

Travis Kalanick, the CEO of Uber, did not attend the meeting due to his opposition to the president’s executive order barring people from 7 Muslim-majority countries with a history of extremist activities entry into the US. Kalanick wrote a letter to Trump on Thursday explaining his absence.

Additionally, Disney CEO Bob Iger did not attend due to a scheduling conflict.

Trump also praised Friday’s jobs report during the meeting.

“227,000 jobs, great spirit in the country right now,” said Trump, talking about the headline jobs gains for the month of January. “I think it’s going to continue big league.”

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