Trump and Romney have ‘thorough and in-depth’ conversation as secretary of state speculation swirls

Trump Romney
President-elect Donald Trump and Mitt Romney leaving a meeting at Trump’s golf course in New Jersey. The Washington Post

Mitt Romney met Donald Trump at Trump’s golf course in New Jersey on Saturday afternoon, though neither man said anything definitive about Romney joining Trump’s administration.

“We had a far reaching conversation,” Romney told reporters after the hour-and-a-half long meeting. Romney said that the two men discussed the “various theatres” of the world where the US has interests of “real significance.”

Romney said that their discussion was “thorough and in-depth,” and that he “appreciates the chance to speak with the president-elect.”

Trump echoed Romney, yelling to reporters that the conversation “went great.”

There has been much speculation over whether Romney would take on the role of secretary of state in Trump’s administration, though Romney refused to say anything on the topic when asked by reporters.

Trump’s aides reportedly told The New York Times that Trump believes Romney looks like a top diplomat from “central casting,” though The Times notes that Trump relishes the “tension and drama” of the cabinet selection process.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York and a high-profile Trump surrogate, was reportedly considered for secretary of state, though he seems to have fallen out of Trump’s favour in recent days, according to a detailed profile of the Trump transition effort from the The Times.

Trump was allegedly angered by headlines about Giuliani making millions off of speaking fees as the former mayor was publicly promoting himself to be Trump’s top diplomat, reports The Times. Trump relentlessly attacked Hillary Clinton, his general election challenger, for raking in millions of dollars for giving speeches to big Wall Street banks, including Goldman Sachs.

Trump reportedly floated South Carolina governor Nikki Haley’s name as a potential secretary of state as well.

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