Trump just dropped to his all-time low approval rating

  • President Donald Trump just hit his all-time low approval rating in the Gallup daily presidential tracking poll.
  • The rating is 33% approval.
  • His previous low was 34%.

President Donald Trump dropped to his all-time low approval rating in the Gallup Daily presidential tracking poll on Monday.

The all-time low, 33%, marks the first time Trump has dipped below 34% as president. At the same time, Trump’s disapproval rating grew to a new high of 62%. The combination makes for a net approval rating of -28, the lowest of his presidency.

The rating comes after a week in which Trump disputed the story of a Gold Star widow, was lambasted by two retiring Republican senators, and awaited the first charges in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, which were made public on Monday.

Trump, who previously became that fastest president to hit the mid-30s in the Gallup rating, which has tracked presidential approval since the Truman administration, is the first to hit 33% at such a young stage of his presidency.

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