Michael Cohen says he's represented 3 people in the past year including Trump -- and the third is a mystery

  • A Monday court filing said Michael Cohen has had three clients over the past year.
  • One is President Donald Trump, while another is Republican fundraiser Elliot Broidy.
  • The third client is a mystery.

Attorneys for President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen said in a Monday court filing that Cohen has represented three people within the past year, with one client remaining unnamed.

The information was revealed in a letter from Cohen’s attorneys, Todd Harrison and Stephen Ryan, to US District Judge Kimba M. Wood. The letter argued that the judge should rule in favour of Cohen’s applications for a temporary restraining order on communications between him and the president, as well as the appointment of a “special master” to review materials obtained by federal investigators during last week’s raids.

The attorneys said in the filing that Cohen represented three clients in the past year. One was Trump; another was Elliot Broidy, the Republican fundraiser for whom Cohen helped facilitate a $US1.6 million payment to a Playboy playmate; and a third person remained anonymous.

“Of the three legal clients, Donald J. Trump and Elliot Broidy have allowed us to reveal the fact that they are legal clients,” Harrison and Ryan wrote. “The other legal client indicated that they did not authorise their name to be publicly filed in connection with this matter and directed Mr. Cohen to appeal any order to disclose their name.”

The attorneys said that if a special master was appointed, the client would allow their name to be disclosed to that special master.

A special master may be appointed by a court to carry out action on its behalf.

Read the full filing:

Michael Cohen letter byBrett LoGiurato onScribd

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