A Trump impeachment lawyer was heard saying he's 'going to Disney World' after the former president's acquittal

Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty ImagesTrump lawyers celebrate the former president’s acquittal. Van der Veen can be see on the right.
  • A Trump lawyer was heard telling colleagues, “We’re going to Disney World!” after the former president’s acquittal.
  • Attorney Michael van der Veen was a key member of Trump’s legal team in his second impeachment trial.
  • On Friday, van der Veen’s house was vandalised, with the word “TRAITOR” painted on his driveway.
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One of Donald Trump’s lawyers reportedly said that he was “going to Disney World” after the Senate acquitted the former president following an impeachment trial over the Capitol siege.

Trump was acquitted Saturday after a contentious impeachment trial over the deadly Capitol siege on January 6, the second time he had been impeached, and his second acquittal.

57 senators voted to convict the former president on a charge of incitement of insurrection related to the siege, while 43 voted to acquit. The US Senate needed a two-thirds majority to convict the former president but fell short of that mark, clearing Trump’s way to run for office again in the future.

Trump’s legal team was understandably delighted at the result — even though more senators voted to convict the ex-president than voted to acquit him — with members seen hugging, smiling, and fist-bumping each other after the acquittal was confirmed.

“He had a good day in court today. He was vindicated. He was found not guilty. The political witch hunt that they had that the Democrats had thrown at him was defeated, so he should feel quite pleased,” van der Veen said, according to CNN.

According to USA Today reporter Christal Hayes, as he boarded the Capitol’s internal subway system after the trial, van der Veen was then heard telling fellow members of the Trump legal team: “We’re going to Disney World!”

Van der Veen’s comment about going to Disney World was likely a reference to a statement frequently made by Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks, who often visit the Florida theme park in the days after winning the biggest prize in football.

Whether or not the Trump legal team actually plans to visit Disney World remains to be seen. If they do, they will find a much-changed park to the days before the pandemic, with mandatory mask-wearing, many attractions closed, and social distancing in place.

‘TRAITOR’: Van der Veen’s house vandalised

Michael van der Veen homeScreenshot/CBS PhillyMichael van der Veen’s driveway was vandalised.

Earlier Saturday, it was reported that van der Veen’s Philadelphia home had been vandalised during the course of Friday, with the word “TRAITOR” spray-painted on his driveway and windows on his property smashed.

“My home was attacked. I’d rather not go into that. To answer your question, my entire family, my business, my law firm are under siege right now,” van der Veen said, as reported by CNN.

According to CBS Philly, local police detective Scott Pezick said van der Veen’s home is now being watched by private security guards.

He added that “we’ve been showing a police presence to deter anything from happening.”

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