TRUMP: 'I'll win the Latino vote'

Real-estate developer Donald Trump thinks he’d have an edge with Latino voters if he wins the Republican presidential nomination.

“I’ll tell you something: If I get the nomination, I’ll win the Latino vote. I will win it because I’m going to create jobs,” Trump said in a Wednesday interview on NBC.

Trump has been rocked by controversy since his June 16 campaign launch, when he made comments about illegal immigration that many people said were offensive to Mexican immigrants. Among other things, Trump accused the Mexican government of sending “rapists” and drug runners to the US.

But Trump thinks his economic message will trump the political backlash over his immigration statements. 

“I have a great relationship with the Mexican people. I have many [Latino] people working for me,” he told NBC. “I have many legal immigrants working with me — many of them come from Mexico. They love me. I love them.” 

Watch below:

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