TRUMP: Jordan Spieth is 'in with Tiger and Jack'

Jordan Spieth’s impressive Open Championship win at Royal Birkdale captured the attention of golf fans the world over. After a near collapse on No. 13, Spieth recovered for one of the most remarkable runs of golf many have ever seen, and took home the Claret Jug.

Noted golf course developer and 45th president of the United States Donald Trump was apparently also watching Spieth’s impressive run at The Open, and said as much in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal.

After the subject of The Open came up in the conversation, Trump said of Spieth’s mishit on the 13th, “So for a guy to go — you know, to me, that’s almost worse than, like, a triple bogey, because — but for a guy to go through these horrible holes, hit a bad drive like I’ve never seen — I mean, he was 150 yards right. I don’t know what that — .”

But the president also did offer some praise for the young champion, saying “Well, he’s actually sort of — he’s in with Tiger and Jack. He’s essentially even, you know, with a number of terms and a number of majors.” After his Open Championship win, Spieth is now just a win at the PGA Championship away from completing a career grand slam.

Oddly enough, this is not the first time Trump and Spieth’s mutual interest in golf has caused their paths to cross. When Spieth was just 15-years-old and competing at the U.S. Junior Amateur Golf Championship at Trump National, Spieth recalled having a conversation with “The Great Donald” after his victory.

Additionally, while campaigning in 2016, Trump compared the champion to former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, saying, “That last election should have been won, except Romney choked like a dog. He choked … Let me tell you, Jordan Spieth choked a little bit.” Trump was quick to add, however, “But you know what? He’s going to recover. He’s a great young guy and he’s going to recover. Romney can’t recover from a choke.”

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