Trump jokes about speculation that Melania is leaving him amid questions over her whereabouts

  • President Donald Trump joked about speculation that First Lady Melania Trump left him.
  • Melania made her first public appearance in more than three weeks on Monday, attending an event with the families of fallen soldiers. She had not been seen publicly since undergoing a medical procedure in mid-May.
  • Questions surrounding Melania’s absence grew increasingly loud in the last week, prompting the first lady to snipe at the press for inquiring about her.

First Lady Melania Trump made her first public appearance in nearly a month on Monday after undergoing a medical procedure in mid-May.

Her extended absence from the public spotlight fuelled voracious inquiries about her well-being, even prompting rumours and conspiracy theories in some circles.

On Monday, during a meeting with the families of fallen soldiers, President Donald Trump quipped about speculation that the first lady had left him.

According to CNN White House reporter Jeff Zeleny who offered his account of the remarks, Trump mimicked the media asking, rhetorically, “Where’s Melania?

Zeleny said Trump laughed at the speculation on the first lady, who was sitting in the front row at the event, saying “Did she leave him?”

Melania sniped at the press earlier Monday for inquiring about her.

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