Trump isn't in the test group for the double-length 280 character tweets

President Donald Trump’s tweets won’t be getting twice as long — at least not yet.

Twitter announced on Tuesday that it was doubling the length of tweets for a small subset of users, from 140 characters to 280. Trump isn’t in that trial group, Twitter COO Anthony Noto told CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Wednesday morning.

The president is a prolific tweeter, using the social media service to shore up his base, support political allies and call out opponents, as well as pick fights with prominent athletes and make more routine announcements about things like disaster relief and bills the Republicans have introduced to Congress.

Twitter described the move to increase the length of tweets as a way to give users more freedom to express themselves, as the social media service has struggled to expand its audience in recent years.

“This is a small change, but a big move for us,” Twitter’s CEO tweeted on Tuesday announcing the shift, adding that the 140-character limit was an “arbitrary choice” based on the 160-character limit for SMS text messages.

While the change only extends to a handful of users as of Wednesday, the company plans to expand the 280-character tweet limit more broadly in the coming months.

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