Trump uses 2 iPhones, one specifically for Twitter -- but White House staffers are reportedly worried that phone might not be secure

  • President Donald Trump uses at least two iPhones, according to a Politico report Monday detailing concerns over his phones’ security.
  • One of the phones apparently has only Twitter and news apps installed, while the other can only make calls.
  • Trump reportedly won’t let White House staff members check the “Twitter phone” to make sure it hasn’t been hacked.

How does President Donald Trump send his tweets and make his calls?

From one of his two iPhones, according to a Monday report in Politico.

Trump has at least two iPhones that were given to him by White House staffers, the report said: one equipped with only the Twitter app and a few news sites, and one that’s capable only of making calls.

A White House photo from early 2017 shows Trump using what looks like an iPhone 6s Plus with a Mophie battery case.

Both iPhones are locked down and have features like GPS turned off, according to Politico, but there are still lingering fears that Trump could be tracked through his smartphones thanks their cameras and microphones. Trump apparently won’t allow White House staff members to swap out his “Twitter phone” to ensure it hasn’t been hacked because doing so would be “too inconvenient.”

But just because Trump has a phone dedicated to tweeting doesn’t mean he’s the one typing all of his tweets. Staffers write tweet suggestions, sometimes with grammar errors and misspellings included on purpose, The Boston Globe reported on Tuesday.

As noted by Politico, President Barack Obama used a BlackBerry phone while in office, but it was extremely locked down. “I get the thing, and they’re all like, ‘Well, Mr. President, for security reasons … it doesn’t take pictures, you can’t text, the phone doesn’t work … you can’t play your music on it,'” Obama joked in 2016.

President George W. Bush gave up his email habit after he was elected in 2000.

Hillary Clinton was harshly criticised for conducting government business through a private email server while she was secretary of state, especially by Trump, who said her decision put American citizens in “great danger” because of the risk her server could be hacked.

Check out the entire story on Trump’s phones at Politico.

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