‘So phony, so pandering, so terrible’: Trump blasts Clinton over ‘hot-sauce’ comments

Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton “phony” and accused her of “pandering” to black voters after hearing comments the Democratic frontrunner made on a hip-hop radio show Monday morning.

Clinton told the “Breakfast Club” show on Power 105.1 that she always carries hot sauce in her bag. The show’s hosts teased her, asked if it was a reference to Beyonce’s popular song “Formation,” and pointed out that people would say she’s pandering to black voters.

“Is it working?” Clinton quipped.

While it’s been previously reported that Clinton keeps red-pepper flakes with her when she’s travelling on the road, Trump insisted in an Tuesday “Fox & Friends” interview that her answer was disingenuous.

“It’s the same thing she always does. She carries hot sauce like I carry hot sauce,” Trump said when asked if he thought Clinton’s answer was authentic.

He continued: “It’s just so phony, and so pandering, and so terrible. I think, you know, frankly, I think Bernie probably has a decent chance to win” in Tuesday’s New York primary.

The Clinton campaign has defended the candidate’s statement, insisting that she’s been a fan of hot sauce for years. Campaign spokesman Nick Merrill told Time that Clinton’s preferred sauce is called Ninja Squirrel.

Time magazine also provided a run-down of Clinton’s established devotion to hot sauce through decades, noting that she told “60 Minutes” in 2008 that she started eating chilies in 1992 to stay healthy.

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