Trump goes off on Berlin terrorist

President-elect Donald Trump fired off a pair of tweets on Friday targeting the individual who police killed after a manhunt in connection to the Berlin terror attack earlier this week where 12 people were killed when a truck plowed through a Christmas market.

The man who was killed, Anis Amri, was shot dead in Milan by Italian police during a Friday morning shootout after a continental manhunt for him. Amri was shown in a video, released by the Islamic State’s news agency, after reports of his death surfaced pledging allegiance to the terror organisation

“I pledge my allegiance to the Emir of of the Faithful, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Qurashi, for compliance and obedience, in vigour and impulsion, abjectness and abundance, and in favouring his preference to mine, and not contending the orders of his trustees, unless I witness manifest disbelief,” he said.

“If you can fight, then fight,” he added. “If you are in Europe fight these crusade (sic) pigs. Each person up to his ability.”

Trump tweeted about the video’s release, and made a call to “fight back.”

“The terrorist who killed so many people in Germany said just before crime, ‘by God’s will we will slaughter you pigs, I swear, we will slaughter you,” Trump wrote.

The president-elect added: “This is a purely religious threat, which turned into reality. Such hatred! When will the U.S., and all countries, fight back?”

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