Trump releases his first television ad of the US general election

Donald Trump has released his first television ad of the general election season, painting his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, as an establishment politician who would uphold a “rigged” system.

“In Hillary Clinton’s America,” the ad says at the outset, “The system stays rigged against America.”

The ad for the Republican presidential nominee claimed “Syrian refugees [would] flood in” and “illegal immigrants convicted of committing crimes get to stay” in the US should Clinton find her way into the Oval Office.

Trump, on the other hand, would keep America secure and safe, the ad contended. 

“Change that makes America safe again,” the 30-second spot concluded.

Clinton has been hammering Trump on television for weeks now. One brutal ad released by her campaign featured some of Trump’s inflammatory remarks and asked “what example” he would set for children.

Trump is trailing Clinton in nearly every national poll. 

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