Two things are missing from Trump's preview of his first 100 days in the White House

Donald trumpScreenshot via YouTubePresident-elect Donald Trump.

President-elect Donald Trump just offered a preview of his first 100 days in office.

Trump appeared in a YouTube video on Monday outlining a number of policies he says his administration will seek to enact after he is inaugurated in January.

The message closely resembled Trump’s campaign speech — highlighting the importance of preserving American jobs and bolstering US military defences. Here’s a list of the initiatives Trump says he wants to pursue starting on day one:

  • US trade: Issue a notice of intent to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
  • US energy: Cancel what Trump described as “job-killing” restrictions on American energy production.
  • Regulations: The incoming president says he will seek to formulate a simple rule: for every one new regulation, two old regulations would be eliminated.
  • National security: Trump says he’ll ask the Department of Defence to develop policies that protect US infrastructure from cyber attacks and “all other forms of attacks.”
  • Immigration: Ask the Department of Labour to investigate abuses of visa programs that “undercut the American worker.”
  • Ethics reform: A 5- year ban on executive officials becoming lobbyists after they leave the administration and a lifetime ban on the same officials lobbying on behalf of foreign governments.



Two things were missing from Trump’s message — a mention of a border wall that he vowed to build between the US and Mexico, and a mention of Obamacare, which candidate Trump promised to “repeal and replace” as soon as he took office.

It is unclear when those initiatives might be taken up. After Trump’s first meeting with President Barack Obama, Trump signalled that he may keep some Obamacare provisions in place.

Watch Trump’s full message below:



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