'Provocative' 2016-themed art gallery opens in New York City ahead of election

An art exhibit that opened in Manhattan on Tuesday features “provocative” photos of lookalike politicians in private settings with the aim of exploring the “cult of celebrity” in the 2016 presidential election.

The art gallery, Private, was created by award-winning artist Alison Jackson and included 17 staged photos of politicians “so real” they might be “mistaken for real paparazzi or iPhone shots,” according to a press release announcing the gallery’s opening.

“I have created pieces that reflect the constant barrage of media that we live in today with a focus on how politicians and celebrities are created/manufactured by the media,” Jackson said. “The images showcase our cultural conversations even as they undermine the authenticity of imagery, a devaluation that is exacerbated every minute in our photoshopped, Instagram world.”

Jackson’s images, as gallery director Philippe Hoerle-Guggenheim said, were quite “provocative.”

One image showed former President Bill Clinton watching his wife, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, at a rally on television while in bed with another woman.

Others featured Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, in racy images with beauty pageant contestants.

The exhibit is open for one week at HG Contemporary.

Here are some of the gallery’s photos:

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