Trump's childhood home is going up for rent in New York City -- take a look inside

Donald Trump's childhood homeParamount Realty USADonald Trump’s childhood home.

Now’s your chance to live like Donald Trump.

Trump’s childhood home, that was bought for $US2.15 million at auction in January, is going to become available for rent for between $US3500 and $US4000 per month.

The two-story, Tudor-style home was sold to a real estate investor whose identity has not been disclosed.

Jason Friedman, a real estate broker for the Friedman Team of Coldwell Banker is handling the listing. Friedman told Business Insider that the new owner bought the house as a “collector piece,” and did not plan to live there. “Instead of leaving it empty they decided to make some money from it,” he said.

Since the house was bought in January, it has not been renovated.

Take a look inside:

Donald Trump's childhood home is situated in the neighbourhood of Jamaica Estates in Queens, New York.

The petite 40' x 120' suburban lot fits in with the rest of the neighbourhood.

The rear of the Tudor-style home includes a sun porch.

Donald Trump's father, Fred Trump, built the house for his family in 1940, and they lived in it until Donald was four years old.

It seems that the house has not been updated much since then.

The interior of the house was described in the previous auction listing as having 'old world charm.'

The home has five bedrooms spread across 3,600 square feet.

Trump's former bedroom was decorated in a patriotic manner at the time the listing photos were taken.

Aside from the link to Trump, not much else sets the home apart.

Trump himself reportedly expressed interest in purchasing the home in the past, but he never followed through to visit the property.

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