Trump says he’s been in talks with another company to keep some jobs from leaving the US

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team says Trump has been in talks with another US company to keep some of its manufacturing jobs from leaving the country.

Citing sources with Trump’s transition team and with Carrier, an Indiana-based air conditioner company, The New York Times reported on Tuesday that the Trump camp appears to have struck a deal to keep some of those jobs in the US.

Unnamed sources cited by The Times and CNBC said Trump would visit a Carrier plant in Indiana on Thursday to announce that a deal has been reached. It is unclear what the deal entails

For its part, Carrier — which is owned by United Technologies — said “Carrier has had discussions with the incoming administration and we look forward to working together. Nothing to announce at this time.”

As a candidate, Trump often railed against US companies moving jobs across the border and pointed specifically to Carrier, which he claimed was planning to move some positions from Indiana to Mexico.

Trump earlier this month said he persuaded Ford executives to keep a Kentucky production plant from moving to Mexico, but Ford quickly countered that, saying it never planned to move the plant to Mexico in the first place.

Ford originally had plans to shift production of one vehicle from its Louisville factory to Mexico, according to the Courier-Journal, but the shift was not expected to affect employment levels at the plant.

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