Foot traffic to Trump properties is down 21% for women since Trump announced his candidacy, says Foursquare

A large percentage of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s business is based on venues, like hotels and golf courses, that use his name as their brand.

So how is his brand faring, given that his poll numbers have dramatically dropped in recent weeks, and that his campaign seems to be a constant stream of controversy after controversy?

Foot traffic to Trump properties is down overall, says technology company Foursquare, using data that it collects from its Foursquare and Swarm apps. This data suggests that fewer people are visiting Trump-branded casinos, hotels, and golf courses, and the trend is more dramatic in blue states than in states that lean Republican.

In fact, foot traffic to Trump properties is down 17% overall and 21% for female visits since Trump announced his candidacy.

Foursquare did compare the visits it measured during the Trump candidacy against a baseline from March 2014 to May 2015. The company’s full methodology is available on Medium. Foursquare updated its analysis from an earlier report on Trump foot traffic from August.

In August, Foursquare found that properties that have been hardest hit by a drop in foot traffic include some of the best-known Trump buildings: Trump SoHo, the Trump Tower in Chicago, and the Trump-branded Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, which closed in September.

Sam Wang at the Princeton Election Consortium gives Hillary Clinton a 95% or 97% chance of winning as of Friday. State polls show Clinton beating trump in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, which are key states that Trump would need to win to take the presidency.

Here are the charts:

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