TRUMP CAMPAIGN: 'Disastrous jobs report underscores the total failures of the Obama-Clinton economy'

Donald Trump’s campaign said Friday the latest jobs report provided more evidence President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are not fit to lead the economy.

“This disastrous jobs report underscores the total failures of the Obama-Clinton economy that delivers only for donors and special interests and robs working families,” Trump’s national policy director Stephen Miller said in a statement.

“President Obama is the first president in modern history not to have a single year of three per cent growth,” he added.

The report missed expectation slightly, indicating the US added 161,000 jobs in the past month, as opposed to the expected 178,000.

While the headline number may be lacklustre, the fact that it is still growing may be enough for Clinton’s argument. A positive change in jobs added between the first and third quarters is generally correlated with a victory for the incumbent party. There’s been a net addition of 1,638,000 to payrolls since January, and the last time the incumbent party lost with a jobs gain between January and October equal to or above the growth in 2016 was 1976.

Still, the Trump campaign homed in on the its line of attack, listing a slew of statistics that were not directly connected to the report. It also ripped Clinton.

“Donald Trump has a contract with the American voter to end government corruption, create 25 million new jobs, raise wages and incomes, and make America safe for all of our citizens,” Miller said. “In four days, voters will get the chance to vote to take power back from the special interests and return it to the people.”

Business Insider’s Bob Bryan contributed to this report.

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