The Trump campaign says it will host a nightly Facebook Live show until election day

Trump fb liveScreenshot via Facebook LiveTrump’s nightly show

Donald Trump’s campaign kicked off a live broadcast via Facebook on Monday night, and will continue to host the half-hour nightly show every day until November 8.

The program will precede the real-estate mogul’s campaign rallies, which are also live-streamed on his Facebook page.

Monday night’s show featured Trump campaign advisers Boris Epshteyn and Cliff Sims, who opened the program at 6:30 p.m. ET — the same time that TV networks air their nightly newscasts.

The show is thought to be a test-run for a potential Trump TV media venture that the Manhattan businessman may be launching if he loses the election.

Sims opened the program telling viewers they can hear directly from the campaign instead of through a “media filter” — echoing the campaign’s claim that the mainstream media at large is biased. 

“We’re excited to be bypassing the left-wing media which screws everything,” Epshteyn said later in the show.

The broadcast on Monday, which aired live from Trump Tower on the presidential candidate’s Facebook page, had about 60,000 viewers at its peak, but dropped to about 28,000 near the end.

For his part, Epshteyn told Wired in a story published Monday that “It has nothing to do with Trump TV … It’s about using 21st century technology and communication in a way that’s effective.”

In the first block of the program, Epshteyn and Sims were joined by Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway — they together fired at Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and agreed that Trump has a real shot to be president.

Conway turned to look at the camera and said, “Let me just say unequivocally: We will win.”

The show was later joined by RNC spokesperson Sean Spicer, telling the audience that Trump volunteers are knocking on doors and interacting with voters in order to “translate this movement, this enthusiasm into actual votes.”

Watch the first episode of Trump’s nightly campaign coverage there:

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