Trump campaign chairman responds to sharp dip in the polls: 'We feel comfortable'

Paul manafortCBSPaul Manafort in an interview on ‘CBS This Morning.’

Donald Trump’s Campaign Chair Paul Manafort said Thursday morning that the campaign is “feeling comfortable” with where it’s at despite a sharp dip in support in the polls.

In an interview on “CBS This Morning,” Manafort said that the media was unfairly fixated on reports of campaign infighting and Trump’s feud with the father of a dead Muslims American soldier, claiming that the campaign is “comfortable with where we’re at organizationally.”

“We don’t plan on winning in August, we plan on winning in November, and that will be evident as the campaign deploys. There’s a lot going on at the local levels that you’re not seeing,” Manafort said.

“We feel comfortable, if you look at our messages, this is going to be an election about change.”

Manafort also brushed off a series of new state and national polls that showed Clinton with double digit lead over the Republican presidential nominee following the Democratic National Convention.

“Well, the dropping poll numbers were expected,” Manafort said. “We feel as though in a week or so the polls are going to even out, we always thought that. We had a bounce, we knew that the Democrats would have a bounce. And now you see in this situation, what looks like an uneven field, but in two weeks we think that’s going to even out if we’re out there on our message.”

Despite reports of internal despair about Trump’s propensity to repeatedly veer off message, Manafort chalked the real-estate magnate’s campaign style up to political experimentation.

In a separate interview on ABC on Thursday, the campaign chair said the Trump campaign was still trying out different messages.

“This is a time in August, where as you know George, you’ve been through this, you try different approaches out. September, October, you have those messages honed, the strategy set,” Manafort said.

Manafort’s interview comes as Trump has fuelled a spat with many within his party ranks over his refusal to endorse House Speaker Paul Ryan and Sen. John McCain in their primaries against opponents who have embraced Trump and his message.

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