Here's how Trump's Cabinet compares to Obama's

On his 111th day in office, the Senate confirmed the last member of President Donald Trump’s 24-member Cabinet, enabling his top advisers to begin running their Executive Branch departments after brutal confirmation fights.

With Trump’s Cabinet full, we can now contrast how his picks compare to President Barack Obama’s first Cabinet in 2009.

While there were seven women and 10 minorities in Obama’s first 22-member Cabinet, Trump’s 24-member advisory body has four women and four minorities. That’s 32% female and 45% minorities for Obama, and 17% female and minorities for Trump.

According to an analysis from The New York Times, Trump’s Cabinet contains more white men than that of the last six presidents.

Trump cabinetDonald Trump/TwitterPresident Donald Trump’s then-18 confirmed Cabinet members gather in the Oval Office on March 13, 2017.
White HouseFirst Cabinet of President Barack Obama in the White House East Room in 2009.

Here are all the members of Trump’s Cabinet:

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