A group of architects submitted this proposal for Trump's border wall that's a one-way sheet of plexiglass

Boder wall pennagroupPennaGroupPennaGroup’s design for the Trump administration’s border wall.

The Trump administration is counting on Congress to approve its federal budget for its planned wall along the US-Mexico border this fall.

Not all Republican lawmakers are on board, making it more uncertain that the estimated $US21.6 billion wall will actually be built. Currently, the Trump administration is reviewing design bids for the project.

PennaGroup, a construction firm in Fort Worth, Texas, is one company vying to build the wall — but it’s not proposing a standard concrete fixture.

The company submitted a design for wall, made of wire and plexiglass, that would work similar to a one-way mirror. The US would be able to see through, while the Mexico side would not.

According to PennaGroup’s summary of the design, it interviewed dozens of US border patrol agents to understand their jobs and what kind of characteristics they would want in a wall. Somewhat predictably, the agents said that the wall must be tall, be able to drain rainwater, have mechanised doors for vehicles, and be hard to climb, tunnel, or tamper with.

PennaGroup did not respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

While the firm’s design may seem a little bizarre, it’s more serious than other proposals, some of which are intended to mock the premise of a wall itself. JM Design Studio, a Pittsburgh-based artist collective, submitted six border wall designs to the US Department of Homeland Security, including one made of tree-strewn hammocks and another made of 10 million pipe organs. Meanwhile, a group of Mexican and American engineers, called MADE Collective, proposed a $US15 billion hyperloop instead of an actual wall.

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