Trump Bellhop (And Others) Getting Shafted On Tips


People are getting mighty stingy nowadays according to ABC News. How do they know? They asked the bellhop at Trump International Hotel if his tips have trailed off, and he says they have.

The bellhop at New York’s swank Trump International Hotel, where rooms start at $495 a night, told that since the economy has gone into a recession, tips from guests have plummeted. “Guests — even those who stay here once a month — are now just saying, ‘sorry’ and leaving without tipping me,” said Morales, who has worked at the hotel for more than 11 years. “Or if they used to slip me a 20, now it’s a 10 or a five-dollar bill, instead — it’s a big difference.”

But, um, why they are staying at a Trump hotel if you can’t afford to tip?

Of course it’s not just the bellhop that’s getting the gratuity shaft, which would make it an exception. ABC found two other people in construction and labour to prove this is happening all over the place. Three makes for a full blown trend. It’s likely this trend will hit servers at restaurants too (if it hasn’t already.) So what’s a person to do, if they’re strapped for cash but they still want to express gratitude? Fire up the Selectric and hammer out a thank you note:

Aware that people may be worried about being criticised for being stingy if they decide to give a smaller tip or none at all, [etiquette expert Lizzie Post] suggests writing a note explaining your difficult financial situation while still expressing your gratitude for the person’s hard work.

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