Trump just received the lowest approval rating in the modern era for a new US president

NEW YORK CITY — US President Donald Trump received the lowest approval rating — and highest disapproval rating — for a new president in recent history, according to a survey released Friday.

The poll, from CNN, showed that a 53% majority disapprove of the way Trump is handling his job two weeks into office. Just 44% approve of the job he’s doing, 7 points below the previous low point for presidents measured in the survey. Trump is the only president in recent history to hold a net-negative rating at this point in his tenure.

Trump came into office as the least-popular president in modern history, surveys showed. But several actions during his first two weeks have appeared to contribute to the latest erosion in Trump’s numbers:

  • 53% oppose the executive order Trump signed that temporarily bans travel from seven majority-Muslim countries;
  • 46%, a plurality, believe it makes the US “less safe” from terrorism;
  • A majority, 55%, view it as “an attempt to ban Muslims” from entering the US;
  • 60% oppose building a wall along the US-Mexico border. Trump signed an executive order last week to begin formulating a plan for the wall’s construction;

Here’s a look at how his rating compares with the early numbers of past recent presidents:

A sharp partisan divide was evident in the poll: 90% of Republicans approved of Trump’s job performance, while just 10% of Democrats approved. Self-identified independents disapproved by a 55-to-41 split.

Many trends in Trump’s approval rating follow survey patterns during the election cycle. For instance, the white, non-college educated voters that came out to support Trump in droves said they largely approved of Trump’s job performance (59%). Non-white voters, meanwhile, disapproved by an astounding 70-to-28 split.

Those who described themselves as Trump supporters have by and large stuck with the president: 92% approve, while just 5% disapprove.

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