Apprentice Contestant Turned CNBC Reporter Snubs Trump


Say what you will about those “I am CNBC” ads, but they certainly get people talking. The latest to weigh in on the commercials is none other than Donald Trump, who’s irked at Apprentice contestant turned CNBC reporter Rebecca Jarvis for not mentioning the show during her clip.

Page Six: DONALD Trump is miffed that CNBC’s Rebecca Jarvis, a fourth-season contestant on “The Apprentice,” skips that fact in the network’s on-air promo about her. “In your very nice . . . bio, which airs on CNBC, many facts are mentioned about you, some very unimportant,” Trump wrote to Jarvis. “But the only thing you don’t mention is that you were on ‘The Apprentice,’ which is the sole factor leading to your job at CNBC. How quickly we forget.” A CNBC flack said: ” ‘The Apprentice’ got Rebecca a courtesy interview, but her intelligence, determination and background in both journalism and investment banking got her everything else.”

If it’s any consolation, Mr. Trump, we always think of the fact that she was on The Apprentice when she pops up on CNBC. Bet she loves that, particularly since you didn’t even hire her.

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