Trump and Clinton spar over Obamacare during presidential debate

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sparred over Obamacare during the second presidential debate on Sunday, outlining how they would reform the health insurance system.

“Obamacare is a disaster,” Trump said. “You know it, we all know it.”

The candidates responded to a question on how they would bring down the costs of healthcare which surged after the Affordable Care Act — nicknamed Obamacare — was passed.

Americans are paying more out of pocket for their medical care than ever before, partially because of the rise of high-deductible plans. Also, the percentage of Americans’ income spent on healthcare is increasing.

Trump said the current method of fixing this is to ask Congress for more money, amid already high levels of national debt.

“Obamacare will never work,” Trump said. “It’s very bad, very bad health insurance.”

He said Obamacare was headed in the direction of Canada’s “catastrophic” publicly funded health insurance, and said Canadians come to the US to treat dire, expensive conditions.

Clinton agreed that premiums were too high, adding that it is a good thing that many more people now have access to health insurance compared to the numbers before Obamacare was passed.

Clinton said, “if we rip it up and throw it away, what Donald is not telling you is we just turn it back to the insurance companies — the way it used to be. And that means the insurance companies get to do pretty much whatever they want.”

She also noted that the Affordable Care Act means women can’t be charged more than men under the act, and insurance companies can’t deny patients coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

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