Trump reportedly 'very upset' that Amanda Knox supported Hillary Clinton

President Donald Trump is “very upset” that Amanda Knox, the American college student who sparked an international firestorm after being accused of murder in Italy, supported Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, according to a Friday report in The New York Times.

Trump had commissioned George Guido Lombardi, the president’s Trump Tower neighbour, to look into Konx’s case while he was in Italy, the Times reported.

Lombardi told the newspaper that Trump is “very upset” that Knox supported Clinton.

Trump publicly defended Knox in the earlier part of the decade, when the case was garnering worldwide attention.

He wrote on Twitter that Knox “is innocent” and “Italian government should pay for this travesty.”

In a 2010 interview with KOMO-TV, Trump offered financial support for Knox’s family in the case. He said that after “watching it for a while,” he thought “this is not a guilty person.”

“I’m good at judging people,” he said. “I study people, and I became rich because I understand what people are about.”

Trump later added that then-President Barack Obama “should get involved immediately and get her the hell out of jail.”

Knox, in a lengthy blog post, voiced her support for Clinton during the 2016 campaign. She tweeted a handful of times in favour of the former secretary of state, using hashtags such as “#YesWeCan” and “#ImWithHer.”

“Donald Trump has succeeded in coming a step away from the most powerful position in the world merely because he is a destabilizing agent,” Knox wrote in her blog. “No matter that he is inexperienced, uninformed, and irresponsible (to say the very least). Both candidates seem disturbingly disconnected, in their own ways. Hillary Clinton from the people. Donald Trump from rationality.”

“I’m feeling less apathetic about this election,” she added. “It’s not that Clinton has shown herself to be more than just the lesser of two evils. It’s that her impending victory represents the triumph of nuance and poise over prejudice and childishness. And that’s something I can get excited about.”

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