Trump's childhood home is now listed on Airbnb -- and up to 20 people can stay in it for $1,000 a night

Trump HouseAirbnb.comThe President Donald J. Trump Childhood Home sleeps 20 guests in its five bedrooms.

The home where President Donald Trump spent the first years of his life is still standing in New York — and now, anyone can stay there starting at about $A1,000 a night.

The five-bedroom house in Queens is listed on Airbnb.

While new owners have long since taken over, the bungalow embraces Trump-centric decor to attract visitors who want to spend a night in the same space the president once did.

Here’s what the house looks like now:

Located in New York's Jamaica Estates, the house was built by Fred Trump for his wife Mary and his young family.


The house has been Airbnb 'verified' as an authentic one-time residence of the Trump family. It was where Donald J. Trump was brought home after his birth in 1946.
Jimmy Fallon showed Trump a picture of the house on 'The Tonight Show.'

The current owner says that little has changed since the days when Trump lived there.

The furnishings are meant to reflect 'the style and affluence in which the Trumps would have lived,' the listing says.

While Trump has since moved on to more sprawling abodes, the house was considered large by 1940s standards.

Along with touches of Americana, the house is decorated with photos of Trump and his family.

The interior is full of interesting artifacts and plaques commemorating the home's history ...

... and inspirational quotes.

The current owner said the Trump cut-out in the living room is a 'great companion for watching Fox News late at night.' Cable TV is included.

Each room is marked with signs of Trump nostalgia.

Today, up to 20 guests can choose from one king-sized bed, two sofa beds, two cribs, and seven bunk beds.

'This is a unique and special opportunity to stay in the home of a sitting president,' the listing says. It's filling up fast.

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