Trump issues strong endorsement of Roy Moore and lambasts 'Pelosi/Schumer Liberal Democrat' Doug Jones

  • Fresh off a campaign rally in Pensacola, Florida, President Donald Trump tweeted support early Saturday for Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, the embattled Republican facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.
  • Trump also took aim at Moore’s challenger, Democrat Doug Jones.
  • The president’s endorsement has boosted Moore in recent days – polls now show Moore with a 7-point lead.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter early Saturday morning to vouch for Senate candidate Roy Moore and lambast his Democratic opponent, Doug Jones. Moore and Jones will face off in Alabama’s special election on December 12.

Trump, fresh off a boisterous campaign rally on Friday in Pensacola, Florida, heartily endorsed Moore, despite the fact that multiple women have accused the former Alabama Supreme Court justice of sexual misconduct, including the molestation of a teenager.

“A big contingent of very enthusiastic Roy Moore fans at the rally last night. We can’t have a Pelosi/Schumer Liberal Democrat, Jones, in that important Alabama Senate seat. Need your vote to Make America Great Again! Jones will always vote against what we must do for our Country.”

The allegations against Moore, which were corroborated by dozens of sources from multiple news outlets, promptedRepublican lawmakers and the Republican National Committee to withdraw support for Moore last month. But after Trump’s endorsement, the RNC reinstated its support for Moore.

Last month, several of Alabama’s most influential newspapers had a scathing editorial against him splashed across their front pages, titled, “Stand for decency, reject Roy Moore.” But he still has the endorsement of much of Alabama’s Republican establishment.

Trump, who has now issued several robust endorsements for Moore, also reportedly expressed frustration when his daughter, Ivanka, spoke out against the former judge.

As the allegations against Moore stacked up, Ivanka Trump said there was a “special place in hell for people who prey on children,” and that she saw no reason to doubt the victims’ accounts.

“Do you believe this?” he asked aides in the Oval Office after his daughter spoke out about Moore, according to The New York Times. Trump also apparently “vented” his annoyance at Ivanka to several advisers.

Moore denies all the accusations against him and has denounced them as being part of a liberal smear campaign by the “Obama-Clinton Machine,” though his story has shown some inconsistencies.

Trump’s support has boosted Moore’s candidacy in recent days. A recent poll shows Moore leading Jones 51-44, according to Last month, the same poll had Moore up 49-44.

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