TRUMP ADVISOR: The president's 'lack of predictability has gained respect' from world leaders

Tom BarrackTrump campaignTom Barrack

LOS ANGELES — Tom Barrack, a Trump advisor and real estate manager, told an audience of Wall Street execs that Trump’s unpredictability has gained respect from foreign leaders.

Barrack, executive chairman of Colony NorthStar, noted the president’s recent attack on Syria while speaking on a panel May 2 at the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills.

“That lack of predictability has gained respect,” Barrack said. “Every foreign leader has come to the table for him.”

Barrack is close with Trump, and was the chairman of the presidential Inaugural Committee.

Barrack was joined on a panel by several Wall Street managers, including Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman, who runs the world’s largest alternative investment firm. Schwarzman, who is a billionaire, is also advising the Trump administration.

Schwarzman described a business-like environment in the way the Trump administration has been run so far, calling it “pragmatic,” “hospitable” and “practical.”

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