True Finns Fading At The Finish?

True Finns Party Leader

This just in from The Helsinki Times, which this weekend will be the most important web-site in Europe:

The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) on Thursday quoted the results of a poll as saying that the nationalistic True Finns party’s rating had fallen by 1.8 per cent from a similar survey carried out last month, to 15.4 per cent.

Taloustutkimus, the market research company that carried out the survey, quoted the margin of error as 1.4 percentage points.

The National Coalition party remained in the lead with 21.2 per cent, up by 1.1 points, followed by the Centre party with 18.6 per cent, up by half a point.

Two points here:

1. The rise of the “euroskeptic” True Finns Party in Finland has alarmed Euro-philes everywhere.  They imagine a scenario where the True Finns win, refuse to back the Portuguese bail-out, which leads to the unravelling of the eurozone, which leads to the end of the European Union, which leads to etc….you get the idea.  So everyone is paying very careful attention to tomorrow’s vote.

2. Polling in Finland is fantastically accurate.  So a drop of 1.8 points in a pre-election poll, which would be irrelevant in the US, almost certainly means that support for the True Finns has ebbed a bit.  We’ll find out tomorrow.